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I am Jeremie and I’m from Edmonton, Alberta. Jeremie is a Canadian Entrepreneur who was born in a small city, surrounded by beautiful mountains in British Columbia. At a very young age, Jeremie knew that he was different. Right from the get-go, Jeremie made the conscious decision that he was going to become wealthy, because he observed that wealthy people make the world go around. He wanted to be that person that would become a change-maker on a global scale but wasn’t quite sure how to bridge the gap between where he was currently in proportion to achieving his goals, dreams & lofty ambitions.

As Jeremie grew older, he immersed himself into sports and became a very competitive athlete, thus developing inside, his will l to win. He used sports as a tool to develop key leadership qualities, which would eventually serve him greatly in business.

Following Jeremie’s high school years, he got into the trades, working as a heavy-duty mechanic and worked hard just like every single hardworking Albertan family. Jeremie knew the value of having an outstanding work ethic, therefore, he plunged right in but never really felt fulfilled. At one point in his life, he had completely lost sight of who he was, and wasn’t getting any closer to his goals and dreams, therefore he began his search to find a financial vehicle that would allow him to get to where he needed to go.

Two years ago, Jeremie took ownership of his life and got to work on living a life on his terms not working for the MAN so to speak. Today, Jeremie brings experience to the table as Financial Broker, empowering many others to build a profitable, sustainable business in the financial industry that is scalable across the country. Jeremie is very passionate in what he does. Helping families, individuals & business owners become financially sound by implementing core concepts and strategies to pay less tax, free up debt and get properly set up for retirement. Really, who wouldn’t want that! Jeremie travels and is opening offices across the country providing certain individuals the opportunity to also step up, make a change in their lives, assist in training & licensing those who desire a career change and start a profitable business of their own in the financial industry contributing in making a massive positive impact in North America.

“In turn, it’s been an absolute blast! Having full control of your time and income! You decide when you take time off to travel and spend time with your family. This time, it’s all on your terms. Of course, nothing comes for free, all good things in life require work. There was some struggle in the very beginning. Yes, I work hard investing time and effort into my business but it’s all worth it! The financial success, fulfilment in life and true happiness 1000 times over!”

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